2,4-D AMINE 480 SL

2,4-D AMINE 480 SL

Active Ingredient(s): 

2,4-D (chlorophenoxy compound)(Dimethyl amine salt of 2,4-D)

Group Code: 
Herbicide O
Registration Number: 

A selective hormone-type weedkiller for the control of weeds in maize, wheat and other cereals, sugarcane, lawns, golf courses and pastures.

Barley, Rye, Lawns, Golf courses, Maize, Sugarcane, Wheat

Perennial pigweed, Karoo daisy, Cosmos, Blackjack, White goosefoot, Bengal wandering Jew, Thorn apple, Gallant soldier, Prostrate knotweed (hogweed), Wild radish, Witch weed, Khaki weed, Devils thorn (Dubbeltjie), Broad-leaved purple vetch, Cocklebur, Goose grass, Sweet buffalo grass

South Africa

Refer to the label for detailed application and crop/pest recommendations.