Why use bulk liquid fertilisers?

Why use

bulk liquid fertilisers?

Our nitrate-based bulk nutrition products are there to address the crop’s macro and secondary nutrient requirements in the form of liquid fertilisers for application in-furrow, through irrigation systems and foliar application.

Why Nitrates?

  • Nitrates are immediately available for uptake thereby enhancing nitrogen use efficiency
  • Lower nitrogen volatilisation compared to urea.

Why Liquid Fertilisers?

  • Application uniformity across the field or in the row
  • Can apply multiple times to address specific crop growth requirements
  • Flexibility to vary nutrients to match the crop’s needs
  • Allows for variable rate application strategies.


ANO 21%
Reg No:

21-0-0 The standard for pre-planting and irrigation application.

Calcium nitrate
Reg No:

9-0-0 (13% Ca) Providing the benefits of calcium and nitrogen, important for cell wall strength, better fruit formation, improved shelf life and protein formation. 

Magnesium Nitrate
Reg No:

6-0-0 (6% Mg) A combination of magnesium and nitrogen to boost photosynthesis, regulate phosphorus uptake and for correcting soil deficiencies.

6:0:1 (20)
Reg No:

Addressing your early planting requirements for nitrogen and potassium.

Reg No:

Magsul is a fully water soluble fertilizer for foliar feeding and fertigation. MAGSUL is suitable for use through irrigation systems.