Plant & Animal Health

August 2017

The latest Geoprobe technology is now available from Nulandis, enabling the company to provide soil maps of different soils on farms. This is in line with the Nu-Way approach to Nulandis’ business.

The Geoprobe is a piece of equipment that allows Nulandis to take an undisturbed soil profile. Mounted on the back of a vehicle that drives through a field, it uses GPS technology

to pinpoint the location of each sample. This is done by hammering a steel probe with a plastic tube inside into the soil. Once the full length of the steel tube is level with the soil surface, the inner plastic tube fills with soil, providing a perfect undisturbed soil profile. The Geoprobe’s retracting

claw pulls the steel probe from the soil, the inner plastic tube is removed and is marked with a GPS sample identity number. Once all the samples are done, a soil scientist opens the tubes enabling him or her to determine the soil type of each core sample referenced to the GPS point.

Using all this information, the soil scientist creates a soil map of the different soils. Soil maps show the suitability of soils for a particular crop, suitability for irrigation, and other specific needs. This is important in Nulandis’ precision farming value proposition.