Herbifume 510 SL

Herbifume 510 SL

Active Ingredient(s): 

Metam-sodium (Thiocarbamate)

Group Code: 
Herbicide Z
Registration Number: 

A soil fumigant for the control of certain soil fungi, Nematode and germinating weed seeds in agricultural and horticultural soils, seedbeds and planting media as indicated. Also used for the establishment of apple and pear trees in replant orchards.

Fungi/ Nemetode/Weed:

Damping off, Pink root, White Bulb Rot, Root Knot, Lesion, Cyst, Stubby, Red garden sorrel, Chickweed, Khaki weed, Perennial and Common Pigweed, Purslane, Shepherds purse, Thorn apple, Goose grass, sweet Buffalo grass, Yellow Nutsedge, Common couch, Kikuyu.


Refer to the label for detailed application and crop/pest recommendations.